What's a Dental Mamelon?

Mamelons describes a common dental abnormality. The condition itself takes its name from the French word for nipple. This could all be a bit confusing—how does this term relate to teeth, and are mamelons serious? Semicircles When present, a dental mamelon appears on the upper or lower central (or lateral) incisors. The mamelon refers to three semicircle protrusions that can be found at the peaks of the teeth, creating a wavelike effect. [Read More]

A you looking for a new family dentist?

Are your children nervous about visiting the dentist? For younger children, the dentist can often be seen as an intimidating figure who they associate with an uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience. While few people would rate visiting the dentist as their favourite activity it is vital that children still attend the surgery regularly to ensure that their teeth are kept in good condition. To encourage your family to keep seeing their dentist regularly it helps to make sure that you are registered with a family dentistry clinic. [Read More]

Want to Fight Bruxism? 3 Reasons a Custom Mouth Guard Is What You Need

Do your teeth clench at night when you're sleeping? If they do, a custom mouth guard will help you prevent this annoying oral problem. However, it all starts with finding the right mouth guard. There are different types of mouth guards, and each type is designed to meet specific oral needs. You can choose standard mouth guards if you are involved in sports activities like baseball, skating and basketball.  But if you want to fight bruxism—persistent teeth grinding—you should choose a custom mouth guard. [Read More]

How to Deal with a Wisdom Tooth That May Be Impacted

Many people wonder why they have wisdom teeth in the first place, and it remains one of life's great mysteries. What isn't a mystery, however, is the pain that an impacted wisdom tooth can cause, and if you're in this position currently, you will be exploring your options. How can a dentist deal with this issue? Unable to Erupt If you have an impacted wisdom tooth, it's grown in such a way that it cannot " [Read More]