3 Steps To Repairing Small Chips In Teeth

Despite being protected with enamel, the foods you eat can have an impact on your teeth. One wrong bite from a hard nut or piece of candy can chip your teeth and cause discomfort. Ignoring this small chip may result in long-term tooth decay, larger chips or aesthetic problems. You can prevent further damage by getting a dentist to fix the chip immediately. Here are some steps to repairing small chips in your teeth. [Read More]

Can You Straighten Your Teeth Without Anyone Knowing? Here Are 3 Different Ways It Can Happen!

When many patients visit their cosmetic dentist to talk about improving their smile, one of the first things they mention is that they'd like to straighten their teeth. However, they just don't want to get metal braces because they really mar the smile. Fortunately, there are several different options for patients who want to get a straighter smile without that "metal mouth" look. Here's what you need to know about three options for straightening your teeth without anyone knowing about it. [Read More]

Chewing the fat about denture repairs

You've always taken great care of your dentures, cleaning them, storing them securely at night and keeping them away from pets and curious children, but sometimes accidents happen. If your dentures have become damaged, or if they just don't fit the way they should, a dentist specialising in denture repairs is just what you need to improve your comfort and quality of life. COMMON DENTURE REPAIRS Sometimes dentures can become broken. Cracks can develop, a tooth can come loose and occasionally dentures just don't fit like they used to. [Read More]

7 Steps To Follow To Ensure Success After Treatment Of Gum Disease With Antimicrobial Therapy

Antimicrobial therapy may not always succeed even after a dentist has opted to use it to prevent periodontal disease arising from infections. You must give your teeth and mouth the best home care to reap the benefits of antimicrobial treatment. However, be careful not to worsen the situation by not following your dentist's instructions. Here are steps to follow for best results after receiving antimicrobial therapy: 1.    The ideal way to stop worsening of gum disease is by regular brushing. [Read More]