The Difference Between a Cosmetic Dentist and Orthodontia

Teenagers and adults have more choices for correcting misaligned or otherwise unsightly teeth than ever before. Standard metal and wire braces are still a popular and sometimes necessary choice for correcting certain dental issues, but cosmetic dentistry offers some other choices for creating a beautiful smile quickly and easily. If you're not sure which choice is the best for you, note a few differences between cosmetic dentistry and orthodontia so you can discuss your options with a dentist. [Read More]

A Few Things to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

One insecurity that a majority of adults have regarding their appearance is their teeth. While some people may be embarrassed by how damaged their teeth are, other people may simply be concerned about how discolouration affects their smile. Either way, cosmetic dentistry is something that you should consider to rebuild your smile and subsequently boost your confidence. If you have been wondering why you should choose a cosmetic dentist over a general dentist, this article highlights a few of the things that you should know about cosmetic dentistry. [Read More]

Lip Piercings and Braces: Are Lingual Braces Your Best Bet?

Orthodontists prefer that those being fitted for oral braces do not wear oral piercings for the duration of their orthodontic treatment. Oral piercings can damage braces, interfere with the way they work and even damage your teeth. If you have a lip piercing that you're keen to keep but you are equally keen to have your teeth straightened, then you may have more luck with your orthodontist if you have lingual braces fitted. [Read More]