4 Reasons to Get Your Kid a Mouthguard for Sports

Sports mouthguards provide vital protection for children's teeth when they play sports. Many kids are resistant at first to the idea of wearing a mouthguard for sports, but the devices available today are much more comfortable than most people expect. Here are a few good reasons to get your child a sports mouthguard and encourage them to wear it every time they play. 1. Sports Can Cause Dental Trauma According to a 2014 study, roughly 13 percent of dental trauma injuries in kids are sports-related. [Read More]

Dental Trauma: Understanding Your Treatment and Restoration Options

Oral and dental injuries can occur due to incidents involving impact around the mouth. This type of trauma can occur during contact sports, or you might sustain the injury due to other accidents involving mechanical contact or pressure. If your teeth sustain damage, you should consult an emergency dentist for immediate treatment. Delayed treatment of injured tissues can cause infections and necrosis. Here are some of the restorative options that you should discuss with your emergency dentist. [Read More]

Two tips for people who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth

If you are unhappy with the way that your teeth look, here are a couple of tips that you might find useful. Gently lighten your teeth at home Whilst it is not usually possible to drastically change the appearance of your teeth at home, there are things that you can do to subtly improve the way that they look. For example, by taking steps to lighten your teeth, you can not only make them look whiter and healthier but can also draw attention away from any crooked or chipped teeth (as the uniform colour helps to disguise these other visual irregularities). [Read More]

3 Steps To Repairing Small Chips In Teeth

Despite being protected with enamel, the foods you eat can have an impact on your teeth. One wrong bite from a hard nut or piece of candy can chip your teeth and cause discomfort. Ignoring this small chip may result in long-term tooth decay, larger chips or aesthetic problems. You can prevent further damage by getting a dentist to fix the chip immediately. Here are some steps to repairing small chips in your teeth. [Read More]