Are you experiencing bruxism disorder?

You might be suffering from bruxism disorder if you often wake up with aching jaw muscles or a severe headache. Bruxism is often characterised by grinding, clenching, squeezing, or gnashing of teeth, often done instinctively. Frequent spells of teeth grinding will cause teeth to become loose or painful, and eventually strip away the valuable tooth enamel which protects them. Bruxism disorder primarily affects its victims during sleep, bringing about several other disorders, such as sleep apnea. [Read More]

I Lost a Filling! What To Do If You Lost A Filling But Can't Get To The Dentist

If you have lost a filling while on holiday, or your dentist is currently unavailable to refill your tooth, you will need to act quickly to ensure that your tooth does not get infected. Although there should still be a thin layer of dentin between the tooth nerve and the cavity, it is important that you do all you can to protect that nerve. There are number of ways that you can keep your tooth from becoming infected while without your filling. [Read More]

3 Ways To Prevent Dental Implants From Failing

Dental implants are increasingly becoming popular. Many patients can attest that implants have many advantages and are more realistic and comfortable than dentures. Despite being much better than dentures in many ways, dental implants can fail and require removal, although the risk of failure is minimal (usually about 4 percent). Fortunately, you can minimise this risk by observing the following tips. 1. Ensure You Take All Your Medications In some circumstances, the dentist may prescribe some medications for preventing infections. [Read More]

Elderly Dental Health: 3 Common Problems

As people age, they can face a range of health problems. However, one part of getting older which is often overlooked is the changes that can occur to a person's dental health. Because of health conditions which cause neurological decline and movement problems, an elderly person can have problems when trying to maintain good oral hygiene. Below is a guide to some of the dental health problems which can affect senior citizens. [Read More]